OkioMail 2013

OkioMail 2013 4.2.5

OkioMail 2013

Everything you need for your e-marketing campaigns.

Full management of e-mail marketing

Complete management tool for email marketing.

Email address analyser.

SPAM points verification.

Inserts email tracking code into Google Analytics.

DKIM signature.

Send directly or using an SMTP server.

Cancellation control.

Duplicate control.

CSV lists.

HTML Designer.

Images either embedded or linked to the Web.

Posts formatted in both the subject and body of the message.


Free technical support.

OkioMail is the perfect tool for this purpose, it is able to send emails to an entire mailing list in no time at all, thousands and thousands of emails with just one click from your PC or server. It incorporates the latest technology. NET. It also incorporates verification and tracking tools for your emails.

Multiprocessing email address checker.

Powerful verifier and analyzer of email addresses with instant results from the application itself. SPAM analyzer.

Review your newsletters before sending, know the score that your messages will be awarded and therefore prevent your messages from ending up in the trash or being marked as spam.

DKIM certified start-up wizard included.

DKIM signature insertion included.

OkioMail 2013


OkioMail 2013 4.2.5

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